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NCP Certified by Charities Review Council

Northwoods Partners (NP) is proud to announce that it has been certified in accountability and awarded the Charities Review Council Meets All Standards Seal. The Certification and Seal indicate that NP meets all twenty-seven of the Council’s Accountability Standards.

NCP Executive Commitee (l-r): Trudy Staubitz, Susan Germek, Exec. Dir. Lisa Porthan, Debbie Mackie, and Jim Nicholas. Not pictured: Lora DeWeese & Jeanne Tomlinson.

“The Charities Review Council‘s certification process was a wonderful opportunity for NP to review its operations and make them even more transparent and accountable to our donors, partners, and clients” said Lisa Porthan, Executive Director of NP.  “We are proud to be officially recognized for the practices we have implemented and look forward to the positive future of NP and its work in Ely and nearby communities.”

The purpose of the Accountability Standards is to strengthen nonprofits’ commitment to accountable practices and provide meaningful information to the public so they can make informed decisions for their charitable giving and to help identify the most trustworthy organizations. The Accountability Standards were developed by a diverse group of donors, nonprofit leaders, grantmakers, academics and community representatives. Additionally, the general public helped shape the Standards through focus groups and town hall forums. Nonprofit organizations such as NP earn the Seal by voluntarily participating in the Council’s online Accountability Wizard which is available to all nonprofit organizations. It addresses a nonprofit organization’s performance in four critical areasPublic DisclosureGovernanceFinancial Activity and Fundraising.

By participating in the Accountability Wizard, NP and other nonprofit organizations can demonstrate responsibilityintegrity and transparency and encourage greater confidence and public trust in their organizations. NP is now listed as a reviewed organization on the online Giving Guide of the Charities Review Council found at The Council’s Smart Givers site is a source of unbiased information where smart givers come for help and resources on informed giving. The giving public can investigate an organization’s mission statement and programs, so they can be sure of what their money supports and be sure that the organization meets widely accepted standards.

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