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COVID-19 Vaccine - Get on the List!

Please understand that regardless of what you may be hearing, covid vaccines are in very short supply. 

Please be patient, there will eventually be enough vaccine for everyone who wants one.

Calling the clinic, hospital, or pharmacy does not get you the vaccine faster.

The only thing you can do now is put your name on "the list":


Ely-Bloomenson Community Hospital's COVID-19 Vaccination sign-up is on-line.

Persons 65 years and older, at risk or an essential worker may sign up at:
Essentia Health is asking that people login to your My Chart  account to complete the COVID-19 vaccine questionnaire.
Information from your questionnaire along with documentation in your Essentia Health chart, will help determine which priority group you are in for the COVID-19 vaccine.
St. Louis County's list is currently for only persons in category 1a
Visit Find My Vaccine to pre-register to be randomly selected for COVID-19 vaccine appointments.
Happy Holidays