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2019 Heart of Gold

2019 Heart of Gold

Congratulations 2019 Heart of Gold Recipients:  Candy Schindele, Joyce Favet, and Denise Norman


Candy Schindele goes above and beyond her paid position at Northwoods Partners.  She volunteers countless hours and always with a great attitude.  She is one of the most encouraging people I know and always has a smile and a good word for everyone.  She may be an employee of Northwoods Partners, but she gives of her time, her talents, and her love in so many ways.  We are blessed to have her on the team!


Joyce Favet has been a volunteer and donor for our organization for over six years.  She provides numerous long-distance rides as well as local transportation.  She continually goes over and beyond for the people she serves. She's always willing to make that extra stop or enjoy time visiting over lunch with her ride participant.  She treats everyone like family.  She is always eager to help and give.  She is truly a blessing to our community and our organization.

Denise Norman has supported the work of NP in numerous ways. She is a board member and has been a valuable Fundraising committee member & Outreach chair.  She has walked numerous miles putting up signs/flyers for events and program information. She's always jumping in and helping where needed. She serves many individuals in our community by providing rides to errands, church and social outings. We have been very grateful to have her on our board.


Thank you to our amazing volunteers, not only those mentioned above by name, but to all the wonderful men and women that proudly volunteer for Northwoods Partners.  They are all a blessing to our community and our organization!

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